Armands Veikšāns
Customer Relationship Manager / Project Manager

Armands has 
Bachelor degree in law from University of Latvia. He has many years of professional working experience as productuion manager in manufacturing companies as well as has experience as a company's manager. 
Armands performs in a selection and evaluation of candidates. He has worked many years with people and his professionalism helps us to choose the best and most suitable candidates to our clients.

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Tel.nr.: ( +371 ) 20102050

E-mail: armands.veiksans{at}igkonsultacijas.lv

          Krista Kristiāna Briņķe
Project Manager
Krista has Bachelor degree from Riga Stradins University, Faculty of European Studies, International marketing and advertising program. Now she is studding Master degree of business in Latvian Technical University. She works with interesting projects, helping to select the best specialists and managers in personnel management, construction and manufacturing. 
She enjoys to work in the personnel recruitment sphere, because Krista thinks: On the one hand, it is a great opportunity to find the best specialist and the right person for the right company. On the other hand, it is a great feeling to offer very good job vacancies for people!


Dina Petrovica
Project Manager Assistant

Dina has obtained Riga Technical University Master’s degree in economy and Bachelor’s degree in international relationships.
Dina several years have worked with labour force – helping to bring together employer and employee in Latvia and also in European Unions level. Wxactly that is exciting and interesting in recruiting – to find the most suitable candidates for post.
„I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it" /Thomas Jefferson/

 Lasma Lapiņa  
The senior consultant 

Master degree of Social sciences in psychology. Member of Latvian Sport Psychology Association. Guest lecturer of Latvian Academy of Sport education. Lasma carry out testing and evaluation of candidatesShe gives an understanding of the candidate's internal resources and ways of their realizationLasma helps to understand how to cope with major life challengescrisesconflicts and stressful situations

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