The tests are just one of the many tools that help deeper and more detailed understand the potential of a candidate or an employee`s personality, their strengths and weaknesses.

In the evaluation of candidates and existing employees, we use various tests.

  • Personality Inventory for specialists  /  Personality Inventory for Managers

The test describes a person based on five principal personality traits. These include Emotional Stability, Extraversion, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness and Openness to Experience. In addition, the test measures a number of more specific traits related to these five aspects.

  • Mental Ability Scale for specialists /  Mental Ability Scale for managers

The test helps get an overview of the mental/ cognitive abilities of the test taker and predict his/her performance in solving abstract problems. The test intended for specialists describes verbal, arithmetical, spatial and general ability. The manager's test also includes a scale of arithmetical and logical thinking.

  • Visual Speed and Accuracy test for specialists

The test measures a specific aspect of mental abilities, which relates to analysis abilities. In other words, the test measures how quickly and accurately a person can process visual information. This serves as a precondition for successful performance in positions that require quick and precise analysis of written verbal and numerical information.

  • MMPI-2 test

Minnesota multivariate personality discovering test, which consists of three confidence and ten diagnostic scales, where the research result is "Personality profile" establishment. Internationally recognized, in Latvia adapted and standardized test.

  • R. Kettell intellect and personality structure test

Personality structure test 16PF is used (16 personality factors) to build personality profile which interpretation comply with the degree of expressiveness of each factor and the factor interaction characteristics.

This test can perfectly assess the candidate`s personality features and behavioural characteristics. Internationally recognized, in Latvia adapted and standardized test.

  • Verbal critical reasoning test

This test is used to assess the candidate`s ability to understand and logically evaluate written information, notice correlations between arguments and allegations.

  • Numerical critical reasoning test

This test is used to assess the candidate`s ability to perceive and evaluate the numerical information given in the tables, graphs and diagrams, performing simple arithmetic operations with numbers, as well as to draw conclusions and make decisions based on this information, see the correlations.

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