Ilze Sila, “RE&RE” Ltd., Director of administration:

Our main criterion for staff selection was the company's choice of professional attitude, operational action and interest. “IG Konsultacijas” is able to provide all that, about what we got sure in the time of our cooperation. Company recruiters helped “RE&RE” to attract competent estimators, project managers, building managers and administrative staff. The second, but not less important reason for the success of cooperation is absorption in our working areas and the company’s specifications. Managing the industry and, more important, the company’s culture and specific, searching for employee is more successful and give better results.

Ligija Abolina, "VELVE" Ltd., Staff manager

Our company cooperates with “IG Konsultacijas” for several years since recruitment professionals are working quickly, accurately and qualitatively. In the recruitment process are evaluated both pros and cons of candidates what for us as employer allows to accurately assess the situation and make strategic decisions.

Edgars Udris, “Ventspils mernieks” Ltd., Member of the board:

We were used “IG Konsultacijas” professional help to find the developer of land survey project. After reading various recruitment companies offers we concluded that “IG Konsultacijas” offer is the best for us. Moreover, we were right. We faced with high-class professionals with an individual approach, high-class service and, the most important, the result. Our team joined the skilled professional.

Una Lutere, LSEZ “Jensen Metal” Ltd., Staff manager:

“IG Konsultacijas” helped to our company find highly specialized professional – powder painting technologist. In the cooperation, we highly appreciate responsiveness, reliability and working style of recruitment professionals, namely, regular information about the recruitment project status.

Iveta Sakne, “Kronospan Riga”, Staff manager:

Choosing a recruitment company we were evaluate a number of offers. For the selection of production industry specialist, we chose to cooperate with company “IG Konsultacijas”. We are satisfied with the cooperation as the company’s recruiters tried to understand “Kronospan Riga” specifics and needs and helped find the right people. If necessary, we are sure that we will use “IG Konsultacijas” services.

Lasma Pikane, “Kurbads un Ko” Ltd., Staff manager:

In any cooperation, we appreciate the accuracy, professionalism and competence. Specialists of “IG Konsultacijas” convinced us that they are professionals with result and interest in process.

Ivars Joelis, “Osukalns” Ltd., Road construction industry manager:

“IG Konsultacijas” helped our company to attract certified road construction project manager. In our cooperation we achieved goal, and, most important, in the promised deadline.

Laura Mikelsone, “D8 Corporation”, Staff manager:

For many years, we are cooperating with “IG Konsultacijas” and we will do so further. We are impressed with responsiveness, communication style and reliability of employees.

Evita Salgrave, “Matthai” Ltd., Management assistant:

Our partners for financiers suggested cooperating with “IG Konsultacijas”. With the cooperation, we are very satisfied. Recruitment specialists understood our needs and the result has achieved – our team joined new employees. If necessary, definitely we will use services of this company.

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