We offer the staff attraction and recruitment services:

During these years, we have successfully realized over than 550 different personnel recruitment projects:

  •  In construction

Technical directors, construction project managers, construction work managers, road construction company managers, assembly group leader in the Scandinavia, business and financial analysts, project engineers, estimators, designers etc.

  •  In production

Production directors, occupational safety specialists, IT department managers, technical directors, the company’s representative in the Scandinavia, engineer-constructors etc.

  •  In transport industry and logistic

Logistic managers, sales team leaders, business class managers, service managers.

  •  In information technology industry

IT head managers, Java programmers, C/C++ programmers, PHP programmers, System analysts, .Net programmers etc.

  •  In accounting and finance

 Chief financial officers, financial analysts, chief accountants, accountants.

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