In order to work effectively we have introduced standardization of the recruitment process. This process allows us accurately and quickly to achieve the required results. 

Before we start to work, we are going to the meeting at the company. Commonly we create the position profile, which includes important information about the company and current position. To find the best specialists are used a variety of recruitment and selection methods.

What is included in the full selection of the candidates?

  • Market research and speaking with appropriate candidates;
  • Each potential candidate assessment: competence, motivation, personality, etc.;
  • Guarantee to recruited specialists.

Your benefits with a full selection of candidates will be:

  • Professionally performed selection of candidates;
  • Your time saving;
  • Final candidates are only compliant and approved by the company;
  • Full evaluation of  candidates` competencies;
  • Final testing of the candidate‚Äôs personality;
  • Acquisition of high-quality reviews;
  • Guarantee to employed candidate.

We specialize in the recruitment in the following categories

  • Higher and mid-level managers;
  • Internet technologies;
  • Building;
  • Production;
  • Accounting and finance;
  • Marketing and advertising.

Contact us and we will prepare a special offer!