What is the most effective selection procedure of senior managers or narrow industry specialists?

Our answer – direct recruitment, when additionally to public competition we speak to the best available specialists in the market.

80% of the recruitment projects we use headhunting or direct selection of candidates.

What include the headhunting service?

  • Market research (we are researching competing companies and the best specialists in the field);
  • We in person speak with adequate candidates and clarify their motivation;
  • Meeting with motivated candidates;
  • Meeting organization for candidate and customer.

Your benefits using direct candidate selection service:

  • Retain full confidentiality;
  • We work efficiently, dynamically and creatively;
  • If necessary, we carry out the assessment of candidates;
  • We provide 3-12 month guarantee;
  • Strictly adhere to business ethics – we never attract founded specialist to other company.

We have attracted the best specialists in their field and the senior managers of different Latvian companies.

Is your company need the industry’s best specialist and managers?

Challenge us to find it for you!